People Are Putting Fireplaces in Kitchens — Here’s What It Will Cost You and Why You Might Just Love It

published Jan 28, 2023
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There’s no doubt about it: A fireplace is one of the best ways to create a cozy feel to any room in your house. No wonder installing a fireplace in the kitchen is trending.

“While some may see it as a nod to a ‘puritanical’ style and aesthetic, I can see it becoming even bigger in 2023 as people continue to design and convert their kitchen spaces into gathering places for family and guests,” says Tara Dennis, an interior design and architectural expert at Archie Bolden, a global interiors firm. “People want their kitchen to feel warm and cozy and this is the perfect way to do that.” And, while kitchen fireplaces have been around for years, this trend has skyrocketed over the past three years.

“Kitchen fireplaces are picking up steam, especially in more modern kitchen designs,” Dennis says. A fireplace not only breaks up a big space and helps transition between the various rooms that may be attached to a modern kitchen, Dennis says, but, ironically, a kitchen fireplace is also a nod to old-fashioned living.

“I’m all about a new house feeling like an old one,” says Jen Dallas, an interior designer in Los Angeles. “After all, we used to cook over fireplaces centuries ago so adding a fireplace can only add unique character to your kitchen.”

A kitchen fireplace is likely to be a great conversation starter and may even help boost your home’s resale value. “It definitely adds a wow factor and architectural interest,” Dallas says.

What to Know About Installing a Fireplace in Your Kitchen

If you’re interested in putting a fireplace in your kitchen, Dennis says it’s crucial that your kitchen is large enough to accommodate it safely.

“The space absolutely determines if a fireplace is a good idea,” she says. “If you have a small, compact kitchen, we typically don’t recommend it.”

She also believes that a direct-vent gas fireplace is best. “These require no foundation and no chimney,” she says. “The typical drawbacks to having a fireplace, such as pollution and air quality issues, lead us to recommend gas and electric power.” Gas and electric fireplaces are also easier to manage and can be customized to your aesthetic.

“You can personalize the fireplace to fit your personality and design wants, no matter what kind it is,” Dennis says. Make sure your budget will allow for this installation, as a kitchen fireplace is likely to cost between $10,000 and $15,000, Dallas says. (Installing an electric, wall-mounted fireplace will be the more cost-effective option.) Finally, it’s critical to hire someone who is well-trained in fire installation work. “Safety is very important,” Dallas says. “After all, there’s lots to consider in terms of fire-proofing your existing kitchen.”