What to Eat While Watching The Good Wife

What to Eat While Watching The Good Wife

Ariel Knutson
Sep 16, 2014
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Do you smell what's cooking? The sixth season of The Good Wife starts this Sunday, September 21st, and I could not be more ready to dig in. What started off as a guilty pleasure has proven itself a contender for one of my favorite TV shows of all time. The characters are smart, the writing is superb, everything is just perfect.

Unless you've been avoiding Twitter or don't own a TV, you know that the last season of The Good Wife had a rather dramatic ending (SPOILERS ahead if you haven't caught up!). You'll need to brace yourself for what's in store with a good meal for dinner. Here's my guide for doing it right.

The most important thing to consider when pairing dinner with The Good Wife is to think of something a little bit more sophisticated, but quick. We all know Alicia Florrick doesn't have time to make something elaborate for dinner, and neither do you. There are more important things like affairs, politics, and the LAW that are taking place to worry about. Not that 3-hour dinner you were planning.

I've broken down this guide for dinner based on twelve of the main characters (or rising stars) and their plot lines from the last five seasons. If you're a fan of Alicia Florrick (duh) or secretly just watch the show to see Eli Gold (another duh), then there's something great to make in your kitchen for dinner.

Alicia Florrick

Sophisticated and fierce, strong and vulnerable. These are the words that describe the powerhouse character of Alicia Florrick. She is a boss lady like no other boss. She will get through all the hard things of last season and fight on. For dinner, make this steak salad and have a big glass of red wine for dinner.

Kalinda Sharma

Kalinda lurks behind the scenes like a mysterious animal ready for attack. She might seem like a side character compared to Florrick, but she is anything but. Make this spicy kale salad for dinner and you, like Kalinda, will be a super human.

Will Gardner

Cry and eat this sad dessert at the same time. I think you know why.

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Diane Lockhart

Everything you consume must be powerful. It must see you through the hard times, the sad times, the inevitable victories. Make this cilantro-lime sardine-stuffed avocado for dinner and feel like a true champion.

Cary Agos

Psh, make dinner?! You don't have time for that! Finish the tuna sandwich you had for lunch and wash it down with some scotch. You've got more work to do.

Eli Gold

You need a healthy, quick meal to keep you going if you're cheering for Eli Gold. Try this delicious salmon recipe on for size and pair it with some sparkling water (lemon twist optional). It's a little bit stylish, and a whole lot of practical.

Peter Florrick

I have a lot of feelings about Peter Florrick. Part of me hates him, part of me feels bad for him, part of me just likes what he does for the show. But however you feel, you're going to need some serious steak to cut through the tension in his scenes. Drink a glass of bourbon with it, too.

David Lee

Ugh, David Lee can be the worst sometimes amiright? But he's smart. He's in it for himself, which I kind of appreciate. For dinner you need to make something a little bit fussy, but not complicated. You need a bunch of these BLT bites.

Jackie Florrick

Oh you think you fancy, huh? Well, Jackie fans, it's time to whip up something equally elegant for dinner. You're going to want to go with this radish and ricotta omelet.

Louis Canning

You need something sneaky for dinner if you're a fan of Louis Canning. Are you really a nice guy? Or are you trying to stab everyone in the back? This fried cauliflower rice is the dish for you. Truly sneaky stuff.

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Zach Florrick

The last time we saw Zach he was leaving home. To honor his rise into college, let's just eat these pretty layered Jello shots for dinner, OK? Great.

Grace Florrick

Grace can come off as rather simple, but there's more to here than meets the eye. She has to deal with her crazy parents and she found religion all on her own. Make these crispy chicken thighs for dinner and surprise yourself.

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