What to Eat While Watching Mad Men

What to Eat While Watching Mad Men

Ariel Knutson
May 13, 2014
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This is it, guys. This is the last season of Mad Men. If you're religiously watching it on Sunday night (or binge-watching it to catch up), we've got your dinner plans covered. Make Don Draper proud by slinging back an Old-Fashioned while preparing one of these nine 60s-style recipes. If you dress up in something totally chic and vintage for dinner, all the better.

The key to watching Mad Men and eating dinner is making sure there is plenty of booze, and that the menu is mostly 60s comfort or includes lots of light, fun appetizers like shrimp cocktail or ants on a log.

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I've organized this guide into menus based on the main characters in Mad Men. So depending on if you're a Don Draper kinda person or really just want Peggy to succeed in life, you've got options.

Don Draper

Oh wait, sorry, did you actually think you were going to eat food if your favorite character is Don Draper? No. Think again: You're on the liquid Old-Fashioned diet.

Peggy Olson

Swedish meatballs were all the rage in the 60s, and a simple, classic dish like spaghetti and meatballs would suit Peggy Olson perfectly. Make a spicy side salad like this fiery kale salad, to emphasize Olson's untamable spirit and hard-working nature.

Roger Sterling

Any big hunk of meat is fine if you're a Sterling enthusiast. Ideally you'd serve Beef Wellington, but this guide to grilled steak is also a great, easy option. Because really, let's be honest: you're really just going to be drinking Vodka Martinis all night long anyway.

Joan Holloway

Joan is the life of the party at the office, and therefore it is your duty to make lots of delicious appetizers, including this onion dip, for your friends and family. Other fun appetizers you MUST make include: bacon-wrapped potato bites (like inside-out pigs in a blanket!) and deviled eggs.

Betty Francis

Iceberg lettuce was the trendy green back in the 60s, so depending on where she was in her diet, you'd probably see Betty eating an iceberg salad with blue cheese dressing and bacon.

Pete Campbell

If you're a big fan of Pete Campbell, you need to keep dinner home-y (a la Trudy Campbell), but with a touch of sophistication and elitism. Make your favorite chicken dish, and try this potato gratin as a side dish.

Sally Draper

In season three of Mad Men we learn, among other things, that Sally makes a mean French toast. She mistakes a bottle of rum for maple syrup, but Don is still impressed. Therefore, you should make this savory French toast to switch things up for dinner.

Megan Draper

In honor of Megan's French (Montreal) heritage, whip up something that would make Julia Child proud: Slow-Cooked Boeuf Bourguignon. Megan puts up with Don's mysterious hard-to-crack persona, don't you think she deserves something cozy for dinner?

Harry Crane

Oh Harry, he's had a tough time on Mad Men. He's kind of a pushover, was passed over for partner, and has an inflated ego. Not a great combination. As such, you'll need some hearty 60s comfort food if you like his tumultuous storyline, like this Beef Stroganoff or a good helping of green bean casserole.

Ken Cosgrove

In honor of Ken's first published story "Tapping a Maple on a Cold Vermont Morning," have something cozy with maple in it, like this savory maple pot roast.

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