What to Cook at a Mountain Cabin Getaway?

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Q: I am going to a rustic mountain cabin with 15 friends in January. We will be staying for two nights, and want to eat some delicious food! The cabin has a wood powered oven and stove top. What easy recipes with transportable ingredients can you suggest to feed a hungry 15 and keep us warm at the same time?

Thanks for your help!

Sent by Emily from PA, living in Munich, Germany

Editor: First of all…um…can we come?! A mountain cabin retreat sounds fantastic!

Ok, seriously, you’ll need to eat and we’re assuming that you won’t exactly be next door to a major grocery store! We’d suggest making a few mixes ahead of time: spice blends for cooking, muffin or scone mixes, and soup mixes. You could also make bread dough ahead of time, bring it in a big tupperware container, and bake your loaves or buns at the cabin in your wood oven!

For perishable ingredients like meat and milk, it depends on how far you have to travel – or if you think you can pick up those ingredients close to the cabin. Assuming you’re only driving a few hours, most ingredients will be just fine packed into a cooler and kept in the trunk of your car.

Here are a few recipes we’d suggest:

Also, check out this post on cooking while camping. It might have some good ideas for you. And don’t forget to take any pots, pans, and cooking utensils that you mind need!

Does anyone else have good recipe recommendations or advice for Emily?

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