What's the Most Intimidating Part of Thanksgiving Dinner?

What's the Most Intimidating Part of Thanksgiving Dinner?

Faith Durand
Nov 19, 2012

Heyyyyyy there Thanksgiving. Hi. Hi big turkey. Hi gravy. Hi pie crust! That's the refrain going through many a cook's head this week! Does anything in this lineup freak you out? Or are you a Thanksgiving dinner pro? Does the idea of cooking a whole turkey (not to mention brining the beast) give you cold sweats? Is gravy a mystery shrouded in the murky future? What's your biggest challenge and intimidation factor in cooking this sometimes high-pressure meal?

Me, I confess that I have never ever cooked a whole turkey. I get around it by hacking it up and braising it (which honestly gives such superior results I'm not sure why I would go the roasting route). Maybe I'm just, um, chicken though. I've conquered my fear of gravy — why not the turkey?

What about you? What scares you on Thanksgiving? Maybe it's none of the above — maybe it's just the prospect of having so many family members in one place? What's your Thanksgiving fear — and, just for fun, what's the worst thing (funny or truly bad) that happened to you and yours in the process of the Thanksgiving meal?

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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