What Story Does Your Refrigerator Tell?

What Story Does Your Refrigerator Tell?

Stephanie Barlow
Aug 1, 2011

Think of what's in your fridge right now. I know I have a few excuses: Last week was busy! I don't usually order take out! I meant to use that rhubarb last week! For better and for worse, the contents of our refrigerators tell a story about how we eat, live, and, as artist Mark Menjivar suggests, even how we see the world. He photographed 35 refrigerators to illustrate his point and the results are worth a look.

With subjects ranging from a household of three competitive eaters in New York City to a bar tender in San Antonio, a random look into their refrigerators and freezers clearly shows very different eating habits. Do you proclaim to eat locally but your fridge says otherwise? Are your shelves organized or are they overflowing with leftovers? What story does your fridge tell?

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(Image: Mark Menjivar)

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