What Staples Do You Keep In Your Freezer?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A well-stocked freezer is invaluable for making dinners in a flash, whipping up desserts, and enjoying fruits and vegetables out of season. The freezer is also an ideal place to store many pantry ingredients for longer periods of time, preventing spoilage and pests. What staples do you keep frozen?

Here’s what I almost always have in my freezer:

nuts, including almonds (whole and blanched), pine nuts, and pistachios

cooked beans – at least two kinds, usually black and white

homemade stock, frozen in small portions for quick soup making

• vegetables like winter greens, peas, and edamame

fruit and berries for smoothies, compotes, and desserts

flour and cornmeal

puff pastry and phyllo dough for appetizers, entrées, and desserts

What are your freezer must-haves?

(Image: Flickr member L. Marie licensed under Creative Commons)