What Should You Have for Dinner Tonight? Take This Old-School Quiz.

published Mar 20, 2014
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We’ve all been there: it’s 5pm and you have no idea what you’re going to do for dinner. You might wander around the grocery store after work or school without a real recipe in mind and choose a whole bunch of stuff for a “salad”. You might even skip the grocery store altogether and just order take-out or eat cereal straight from the box.

Well, this doesn’t need to be you any longer! Take this totally easy magazine-style quiz to find out what you should actually be eating for dinner.

1. What’s Your Mood Right Now?

A) Super Happy
B) Kinda Happy
C) Sad
D) Just whatever

2. What’s Your Hunger Level?

A) Moderate
B) Not that hungry
D) I just ate something

3. How Much Money Do You Want to Spend?

A) My entire paycheck
B) How much are those organic eggs?
C) Less than 10$
D) Close to nothing

4. Are You a Cat or Dog Person?

A) I love both equally
B) Dogs all the way
C) Neither, gross
D) Cats FTW

5. Are You in the Mood for Something Spicy?

A) Meh, if it happens it happens.
B) No, not at all.
C) I only eat spicy things.
D) Sure, why not.

6. What’s Your Favorite Kind of Cereal?

A) Only homemade stuff
B) The ones with all the sugar
C) Frosted Flakes
D) Eggs

7. What Cocktail Do You Like the Most?

A) Cosmo
B) G&Ts
C) Sangria
D) Sazerac

8. How Would You Describe Your Eating Style?

A) Normal?
B) Bird-like
C) Wild Animal
D) Elegant

9. What’s Your Favorite Type of Cuisine?

A) French
B) Indian
C) Mexican
D) Thai

10. What’s Your Dream Vacation?

A) Anything that includes the sun and a beach!
B) Mountain climbing
C) Exploring a new city
D) A cabin in the woods