What Should We Make With This Blue Cornmeal?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

A friend just got back from a trip to Arizona and brought us a pound of this blue cornmeal. We love its gritty texture and earthy smell, and we can’t wait to cook with it!

The package comes with a tortilla recipe, but we’re wondering what other possibilities are out there. Any ideas?

Tamales were our first thought, though we’re not sure if the cornmeal is ground fine enough. We might try running a cup through our food processor to see if we can get a finer grind.

Blue cornmeal has a bit more protein than regular cornmeal, so we wonder if it might do well in a yeasted bread recipe. Maybe a loaf studded with dried cranberries and pine nuts!

Then again, these pancakes from AllRecipes also sound delicious!

We also stumbled across this site, The Cooking Post, which has a trove of intriguing recipes using blue corn.

So many options to choose from! What do you suggest?

(Image Credit: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)