What Should I Serve for Dinner at My House Cooling Party?

(Image credit: Dana Velden)

Q: I am moving out of my apartment and into my new house. As a farewell to my apartment, I’ve decided to throw a “House Cooling Party.” My dilemma is the menu. I’d like to serve cool dishes to go along with the theme. I’ve found plenty recipes from your site for appetizers and desserts but can’t come up with entrées that would be quick, delicious and cold. Help ASAP! (Party is this weekend).

Sent by Jade

Editor: Jade, what a clever idea — we like the idea of this party a lot. If you are looking for dishes that are not just served at room temperature, but served cold, then here are a few ideas:

The other nice thing about cold dishes like these is that of course you can make them ahead of time and have less party stress at the last moment.

Readers, what else would you suggest for Jade’s “House Cooling” party?

(Image: Dana Velden)