What Should I Serve at My Housewarming Party?

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Q: I’m hosting an open house-style housewarming party in the early fall, and I’m totally stumped on what to serve. Help!

I’m thinking about doing a combination of catered and homemade food since 75+ people will be coming and going.

The party will be right after a local college football game that many guests will be attending, so I’m thinking about going with a tailgate-inspired theme. Also any help/opinions on number of servings for an open house would be appreciated, as this will be my first time hosting an event like this. Thanks!

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Editor: Faith catered a DIY wedding for 200 guests last spring and wrote a wonderful post on how she calculated how much food to serve. In it she talks about thinking of the food in terms of bites, and considering how many bites each person will consume during each hour of the party. I think this will be helpful for you.

As for food, here’s some great early fall inspiration:

Readers, any good fall and tailgate-inspired foods you’d recommend for Stacy to serve?