What Should I Look for in a Gas Grill?

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Q: I want to buy my boyfriend his first grill. Gas is going to be best for our lifestyle; we typically feed anywhere from two to five adults at dinner. I need to stay under $500. What’s important to look for, and what is the best place to shop? I’m told this is a great time of year to look for deals, so please let’s get the suggestions rolling!

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Editor: What a great gift! From dinners to desserts, you’re both in store for some great meals ahead. There are certainly a lot of different options out there, and a big variation in price to go along with them. I’m sure our readers will have some helpful suggestions for you.

And once you have your grill home, here are a few tips for maintaining it:

Kitchn readers, what are some important features Alex should look for with a gas grill? Any advice to share after your recent grill purchase?