What Should I Do with Tandoori Chicken That I Marinated Too Early?

published Jan 12, 2015
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Q: I started marinating a couple of chickens for chicken tandoori for a sister-in-law’s dinner party a day too early, as I got dates mixed up.

Would you advise cooking it in the morning and reheating it for the dinner party, or should I take the risk and cook it for the dinner party? It will have been marinating for about 30 hours at that stage. Or should I start again?

Sent by Sally

Editor: If your marinade contains yogurt, I would recommend cooking the chicken and just reheating it for the dinner party. Yogurt does a great job tenderizing and keeping chicken moist, but letting chicken marinate too long in yogurt will probably make the texture mushy.

Readers, what would you do with the marinated chicken?