What Should I Do With Date Crystals?

What Should I Do With Date Crystals?

Anjali Prasertong
Oct 26, 2012

Q: My boyfriend just sent me a package of date crystals straight from the famous Shields Date Gardens in Palm Springs. I'm very excited, but apart from adding them to my morning oatmeal and trying them in a smoothie, I'm not sure how else to use them. Any ideas for using date crystals?

Sent by Molly

Editor: Molly, I've never worked with date crystals, but from what I understand, they are small, dehydrated date pieces that can be used dry as a sweetener or rehydrated to add both sweetness and a little texture. Here are a few ideas for using whole dates, most of which could be adapted to date crystals (sprinkled over salads, mixed into baked goods, even infused into liquor!):

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Readers, do you have any suggestions for using date crystals?

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(Image: Molly via The Kitchn submissions page)

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