What Should I Cook for a Thanksgiving Brunch?

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Q: I’m hosting Thankgiving this year, but since some of my guests are juggling more than one dinner that day, I decided not to compete for dinner. Instead, I’m hosting a brunch.

Since it’s the only Thanksgiving meal for me and my husband, I’d like it to feel sufficiently Thanksgiving-y: turkey in some form, corn in some form, sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, etc. (I have no idea how to work the green beans in.) I’d also like to have at least one sweet and one savory entrée. I’m serving five to seven people. Any ideas?

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Editor: For a savory entrée that will feed a crowd, something like a sweet potato and turkey hash with eggs, or a quiche or frittata would work well. As for a sweet option, you could try sweet potato pancakes with cranberry sauce, or perhaps some scones.

And if there’s anything you feel like you’re missing — say, more turkey or a green bean casserole — you and your husband can always have those dishes for dinner.

Kitchn readers, what do you think are some good sweet or savory dishes to serve at a Thanksgiving brunch?