What Should I Cook for a Smaller Thanksgiving Dinner?

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Q: For the first year ever, my small family is not going to visit extended relatives for Thanksgiving. I’ve never made a turkey, and I think a whole turkey is going to be too big for two adults, one child, and a baby.

Any suggestions on something easier but still in keeping with the spirit of the day? Turkey breast?

Sent by Katie

Editor: Katie, first of all, on the turkey question: we really highly recommend that recipe Mark Bittman published last year for braised turkey. We don’t usually like turkey much at all, but this was amazing. It’s a great meal for a small Thanksgiving because it can be adapted for a small group; it uses separate thighs and breasts. But it’s still special and ultra-delicious. Here’s our review:

And if you would like any thoughts on the rest of your meal, here’s a good post where we round up side dishes and desserts that would work well for a small Thanksgiving for just two or three.

Any other good turkey alternatives for Katie?

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