What Should I Buy For My Onion-Averse Boyfriend?

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Q: I’m working on my holiday shopping and would like to get an onion chipper for my boyfriend, who won’t cook with onions because they make him tear up. I looked on Amazon but many choppers seem to be flimsy or difficult to clean.

Any recommendations?

Sent by Neon

Editor: Neon, well, we have two suggestions. First of all, if tearing up with onions is the only problem, why not bypass the flimsy chipper, and instead get a far more fun and practical unitasker: Onion goggles! These are designed to keep onion fumes from your eyes, and to keep you from tearing up. They look crazy, but they come in lots of colors, and we hear that they really work!

Another idea is to again bypass a flimsy chipper and buy a small food processor. If I have to do a lot of onions at once, or if I need them in a fine paste, I’ll use my mini food processor. Also, this VeggiChop does a great job of dicing onions. It’s less powerful (powered by you, not a motor) and so it doesn’t pulverize the onions. It’s also a great tool for chopping other things too, and it’s easier to clean than the food processor.

Readers, any other tips for Neon?

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