What Do You Bring Your Thanksgiving Dinner Host?

(Image credit: Rachel Joy Baransi)

Being the host for Thanksgiving dinner is no small undertaking – it takes a lot of thought, preparation, and sometimes a good chunk of money. If you’re not immediate family or close extended family, I think it’s nice to bring a small gift that either helps the host with the dinner, or is something special for him or her.

There’s a lot of things to consider – do you have to travel a long distance to for Thanksgiving, and if so, will you have access to your own transportation when you’re there? And do you ask the host what you should bring, or do you surprise them with something? The obvious answers that I can think of for gifts are a good bottle of wine or flowers, but something more creative would also be nice.

Do you give your Thanksgiving host a gift? And if so – do you have any good ideas outside of wine or flowers?