What’s Your Kitchen’s Love Language? Take Our Quiz.

published May 2, 2017
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Ever heard of the five love languages? You might already be using a few of them without knowing. In his 1995 book, The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate, Gary Chapman outlines five ways that people tend to express and experience love: gift-giving, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch. Chapman argues that each individual has a primary and a secondary love language, and that people tend to give love the same way they prefer to receive it.

You may be able to easily figure out your own love language, but given that most of us here at Kitchn are in love with food and cooking, why not apply the principles of the five love languages to one of the most important places in our homes? Whether you realize it or not, your kitchen has its own love language that it’s dying for you to figure out.

Take this quiz to find out how to show your kitchen some love. We can’t ask the kitchen itself what it desires, you know, because it’s an inanimate space and all, so you’ll have to answer on its behalf. Think of your kitchen’s vibe and mood when answering.

1. What does your kitchen do best?

a) Fits all of my equipment
b) Makes cooking easy and fun
c) Impresses guests
d) Helps me cook like a pro
e) Brings people together

2. What’s your kitchen’s worst quality?

a) It’s a little outdated
b) It’s too small
c) It could use some decluttering
d) A few things need fixing
e) I have to clean it

3. What’s your favorite kitchen tool?

a) Coffee maker
b) Slow cooker
c) Kitchen timer
d) Cast iron skillet
e) Food processor

4. What’s one chore that feels easy in your kitchen?

a) Buying groceries
b) Cleaning the oven
c) Cleaning out expired foods
d) Taking out the trash
e) Washing dishes

5. What feels most fun about dinner parties in the kitchen?

a) The wine the guests bring
b) Spending time with friends
c) Creating the menu
d) Cooking the meal
e) Creating a tablescape

6. Which compliment on your cooking would make you the happiest?

a) “You should sell this in a restaurant!”
b) “This recipe must have taken you forever to perfect!”
c) “Great job! I’m so proud of you.”
d) They don’t need to say anything, just eat the food!
e) A bear hug

7. Your dream kitchen would have …

a) All the latest appliances
b) Someone great to share it with
c) Everyone talking about it
d) A personal chef that came with it
e) A beautifully designed, intuitive layout

8. What’s your favorite way to unwind in your kitchen?

a) Online grocery shopping
b) Making a 2-day tomato sauce
c) Reading cookbooks and making meal plans
d) Cleaning the dishes
e) Organizing the pantry

9. Which celebrity chef does your kitchen most remind you of?

a) Wolfgang Puck
b) Ree Drummond
c) Gordon Ramsay
d) Ina Garten
e) Emeril Lagasse

10. At which holiday does your kitchen really shine?

a) Halloween
b) Thanksgiving
c) New Year’s Eve
d) Memorial Day
e) Valentine’s Day

Alright, tally up your answers and see which letter you chose more often. You got it? It’s time to find out your kitchen’s love language.