So Tired of Pasta! What Recipes Can I Cook With Just Two Burners?

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

Q: I am a graduate student and just moved to a new apartment that doesn’t have an oven. Unfortunately, most of the easy, cheap meals that are staples for me involve roasting or baking. I am having some trouble getting creative with the new school year already in full swing, and I have been living on a diet of (what else?) pasta. Help!

What are some alternatives that I can make with just two burners to get me out of my pasta and pesto rut? (Keep in mind, I also don’t have a freezer or any kind of food processors — I’m on a strict student budget after all!)

Sent by Sarah

Editor: Lucky for you, it’s now soup season! Also, just about any slow-cooked braise that you’d normally do in the oven can also be done over low (very low) heat on the stove top. Give that a try!

Readers, what recipes do you suggest?

(Image: Emma Christensen)