12 Finds These Professional Organizers Use at Home in Their Own Kitchens

updated Jan 9, 2024
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My favorite way to approach a new year? With an organized kitchen. Now, if there’s one thing kitchen organizing calls for, it’s the right tools. After all, you can’t exactly organize a shelf if it’s just one big, empty void. But, with the abundance of bins, baskets, and other storage options on the market today, it’s hard to know which ones are most helpful for maintaining an organized kitchen and which are, well, not. 

To learn more about the storage options out there that could improve my kitchen spaces, I talked to a couple of pro organizers and bloggers to source the best of the best. Here are 12 kitchen organizing products they swear by to keep their own kitchen cabinets, pantries, and drawers tidy.

Do you have a favorite kitchen organizer? We want to hear all about it! Tell us about your favorite finds in the comments below.

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Professional organizer Lisa Dooley likes to use this expandable silverware organizer in her utensil drawer. Just put your forks, knives, and spoons in the middle, and wooden spoons, spatulas, and other tools on the sides!

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Kitchn editors love a lazy Susan. And, it turns out, a lazy Susan with two tiers is better than a lazy Susan with just one! Esther Konz, founder of Uncluttered Simplicity, loves this double-decker lazy Susan for added storage and efficiency in the kitchen. It’s so cool. Save storage space by keeping your most commonly used kitchen items — anything from cooking oils to spices and condiments — in the top level. Then, fill the compartments along the lower level with sugar, salt, or spices you cook with on a regular basis.

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Knife blocks take up counter space and include a bunch of unnecessary pieces. Instead, Konz uses (and loves!) this clever knife organizing tray, which you can tuck into a drawer. “Not only does it save space, but it also keeps the knives away from getting in contact with other utensils,” she says.

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Cardboard boxes aren’t just unsightly — they also take up a lot of space! You could just take out the plastic bags and keep them sealed in a bin or basket, but Dooley likes to store cereal, pasta, and other dry pantry essentials in these stackable, sealed containers. They’re also clear, so you can quickly determine when it’s time to go grocery shopping!

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There are a lot of clever ways to organize spices (as this list proves). Dooley loves this drawer insert that keeps jars of all sizes snugly in place. All you have to do is cut the 10-foot roll down to size to customize it!

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Organizing the inside of your kitchen cabinets? Don’t forget to make use of the doors, too! Konz likes to store baking sheets in this metal basket, but you can also keep plastic wrap, foil, wax paper, and baggies inside yours. However you use it, you’ll instantly expand your storage space!

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Don’t let zip-top bags and other small, pesky pantry items get you down. Pro organizer Caroline Clark loves to use an over-the-door hanging shoe organizer in her pantry to add instant storage to an already full space, all the while keeping go-to items visible and easy to access. “I use the lower part for my four-year-old’s snacks so he can get what he wants, which promotes independence and also me not having to stop what I’m doing every time there’s a Goldfish emergency,” she says.

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Whether you’re trying to organize your silverware or keep kitchen gadgets orderly in a drawer, pro organizer Linda Barlaam swears by these dividers. They’re adjustable, so you can make them narrower or wider to suit your needs in any drawer. And, they’re made of bamboo, which is a nice break from all the plastic that’s out there.

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Pro organizer Jamie Novak says she used to hang on to kitchen gadget multiples “just in case,” which caused her drawers to be so full she couldn’t open them. Her solution? “Now, I keep the extras in a shop-at-home storage box,” she says. “When I need to replace my pancake turner or need a new garlic press, I shop my stash.” 

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Spices are a common offender when it comes to clutter. Keep yours organized and easy to access in a cabinet or on a counter with this basic, non-skid turntable recommended by Barlaam. Also, this is that lazy Susan (see Number 1) that Kitchn editors love, too.

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Pro organizer Amy Bloomer’s favorite product is another spin (pun intended!) on a lazy Susan: YouCopia’s Crazy Susan, which is ideal for storing snacks or ingredients you need to grab in a pinch. The plastic storage bins are clear, so you can quickly take inventory of the contents.

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Stacking pots and pans in a drawer or cabinet makes grabbing what you need complicated — plus, you risk scratching the metal in the process. Novak keeps her pots, pans, and lids neat with this pot and pan organizer, which you can set in your cabinet or install either vertically or horizontally on a wall in your kitchen or pantry.