What Makes a Healthy Lunch?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When it comes to health and nourishment, lunch is perhaps under more pressure than any other meal. Breakfast is a meal to grab at any cost, and dinner is a more relaxed affair. But lunch — it’s supposed to work hard and fuel us through the day. School cafeterias and office canteens come under scrutiny — are they really offering healthy options? But we’re curious, because the idea of healthy is different for everyone. What, to you, makes a healthy lunch?  

Maybe a healthy lunch to you is one where you eat a lot of vegetables. Or it’s one where you eat something homemade, instead of succumbing to the lure of fast food. Maybe it’s a more balanced meal, where you remember to supplement your sandwich with a handful of grapes or celery sticks. 

What, to you, is a good, healthy lunch? What makes you feel satisfied and nourished in the middle of the day? 

And do you have any tips or good lunch ideas that have made you feel healthier at lunchtime? We’d love to hear them! 

(Image: Faith Durand)