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What Makes a Cookie a Cookie? Three Food Writers Discuss

published Dec 15, 2008
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What is the state of the American cookie? Three food writers, Dorie Greenspan, David Leibovitz, and Sara Dickerman discuss the definition of a cookie, what makes a cookie American, and chunky vs. thin.

This roundtable discussion, conducted leisurely via email and published at Slate, yields a wealth of fascinating cookie topics near and dear to bakers’ hearts. Underbaking and overbaking, the role of nostalgia in cookie preferences, the ritualistic habits of cookie-eating (childlike, perhaps?), and all the writers’ favorite cookies make appearances. And how, when you get right down to it, do you define a cookie? How many bites should it take to eat one?

We enjoyed reading Dorie’s vision of the cookie of the future (not so exotic as you might imagine), and the seaweed cookies David likes to make.

• Read the article here: The State of the Cookie at Slate Magazine

(Image: Flickr member Stef Noble licensed for use under Creative Commons)