Which Kinds of Salt (And How Many!) Are In Your Pantry?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The idea of “basic” salt has changed over the last decade. With the rise of cooking television, magazines, and blogs, and the integration of world cuisine into everyday meals, what used to be a basic supply is no longer simple. This is perhaps most evident in the increasingly diverse world of salt. (Remember this guy and his salt shop?) Which salts do you rely on in your pantry?

Over the holiday break I had a rather heated discussion with a few family members about salt. They were aghast that I didn’t have iodized table salt in my house and I was dumbfounded that they didn’t keep kosher salt in their pantry.

Smoked, flaked, colored and different textures — what sorts of salt do you keep on hand?

Do you collect them? Have you tried several types but still come back to a family favorite? Share your favorites and pantry must haves in the comments below!