What Kind of Jarred Red Sauce Do You Use?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Ah, the ubiquitous jar of red pasta sauce! Who doesn’t keep at least one jar in their cupboard, tucked in with a bundle of spaghetti or a box of penne? It’s there for those weary nights when you arrive home late, exhausted and famished and in need of quick sustenance. Or for when your little nieces come to visit. Or maybe spaghetti with red sauce is your most favorite meal in the world. Either way, what’s your preferred brand?

I confess that my red sauce stash usually consists of what ever caught my eye in the right price bracket at the grocery store. Occasionally I’ll spring for some of the fancy stuff like Rao’s or Scarpetta, but it mostly tastes pretty much the same to me so I go for fairly cheap and simple.

Of course there’s all sorts of ways to doctor up jarred red sauce: ground beef, sauteed mushrooms or peppers, olives. And topping it with some decent parmesan cheese is always helpful too.

What brand do you use? How do you improve on it? Tells us your tales of jarred red sauce in the comments below!