What Kind of Food Do You Look for While On Vacation?

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We’ve asked you if you cook while on vacation, and what you eat after coming home, but now we’re curious about your hunting and gathering habits when in a new city. Do you go looking for new markets, secret jam purveyors, ultra-geeky coffee roasters? What sorts of food do you hope to find while on vacation, or when visiting somewhere new? Not restaurants, mind you; we’re interested just in what kinds of food and new inspiration you look for when you’re away. And, on a related note, what’s been the most rewarding town, in terms of food, that you’ve ever visited?

I have two loves while traveling. The first one is coffee. When my husband and I travel to a new city, we make a point to visit a small coffee roaster and bring home a fresh-roasted batch. While in Seattle last week we picked up a great pound of Ethiopian coffee beans from Stumptown, and then in Vancouver we bought a bag from 49th Parallel. We can hardly wait to open the latter, but we’re drinking the Stumptown first.

The second love is cheese. I enjoy finding new sorts of cheese that I may not have access to in my town. This is especially interesting in Europe (and Canada), where you can get raw and fresher cheeses.

What about you?

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