This Is What It’s Like to Prep for Thanksgiving in Space

published Nov 22, 2017
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(Image credit: @space_station/Twitter)

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, so that probably means you’re prepping ingredients right now. You might be brining your turkey or making sure it’s on its way to being defrosted. Maybe you’re baking all your pies tonight so you don’t have to worry about that precious oven time tomorrow. Your home is about to smell amazing.

As you might imagine, prepping for Thanksgiving looks a little different when you’re hanging out in outer space. There are no pies baking in an oven (in fact, there’s no oven at all), and counter space is never an issue because prep work just looks so different. It might just make you a little more thankful for dry turkey and lumpy gravy.

In the above video on Twitter from @Space_Station it shows how the space station crew are prepping for Thanksgiving. In order to make the turkey tetrazzini they take a pouch of food, fill it with water, then keep it warm while the food rehydrates. Then they cut open the pouch and enjoy!

Some people thought this prep looked even more complicated than what us earthlings have to do.

Others on Twitter were concerned there wasn’t anything else on the menu. Where are the rehydrated mashed potatoes? And what about cranberry sauce? And the pumpkin pie?

I personally fall into camp of “haven’t yet gone shopping for Thanksgiving ingredients” and at the moment the idea of opening pouches of reconstituted and slightly mushy space food is looking pretty darn appealing.

I’m thankful for their work above Earth’s atmosphere and the sacrifices their families make to be away from them! Hopefully this feast a la pouch makes them feel a little more connected to home.