What is Your Most Dreaded Cooking Task?

What is Your Most Dreaded Cooking Task?

I'll go first. I hate washing lettuce (I use this method, but drying it is always a pain) and mincing ginger. I love ginger wholeheartedly, so that one I simply muddle through. But I definitely eat fewer salads in my house because the thought of washing and drying lettuce is so onerous to me. What about you? Do you avoid recipes that call for an ingredient you hate to prep or a technique you can't stand?

Sometimes it's true that the ingredients requiring the most work offer the sweetest enjoyment. Think fava beans. Or a homemade bread that requires a lot of tending (obviously not No-knead).

And I'm not opposed to working in the kitchen—quite the contrary. But something about salad spinners drives me nuts (such a large contraption for one use), hand towels never get my lettuce dry enough, and ginger... well, those stringy fibers haunt my dreams. Which is why making this cake is a real labor of love. I know I could buy pre-minced ginger in a jar, but the fresh root is so inexpensive, it seems nuts not to do it myself. Things may change, though.

Fortunately, we here at the Kitchn try to take the mystery and frustration out of many cooking tasks. But I'm wondering what other things might seem mundane to some but are deal breakers for others. Tell us!

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