What Is Your Least Favorite Summer Vegetable?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Zucchini is way too prolific and can taste simultaneously bitter and boring. Okra is definitely an acquired taste. Tomatoes are overrated; so is corn.  And eggplants are just plain mystifying.  Does any of this ring true for you? 

I love summer tomatoes but I have a friend who decidedly does not.  She gets a little annoyed at all of the fawning and endless parading of tomatoes that begins this time of year. “They’re everywhere!” she wails as we wait at the checkout counter of the grocery store and indeed, I count at least five magazines with tomato covers and headlines.

We all love our gardens, CSAs and farmers markets, especially in the summer when the produce is just off the charts.  But sometimes we plant too much of a certain vegetable or receive something we don’t like or don’t know in our box.  Sometimes we feel pressured to adore something that leaves us feeling so-so, or even down right turned off.  Not all summer produce is adored and welcomed.

What would you like to see less of at your farmers’ market or in your farm box?

(Image:  Dana Velden)