What Is Your Favorite Recipe for Brussels Sprouts?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Brussels sprouts (along with quince) were a new food crush for us this past year. We had an unfortunate incident, several years ago, involving mushy Brussels sprouts, and that put us off for quite a while. But all of a sudden we were like, hey! We love green cabbage. Brussels sprouts are like mini green cabbage. So cute!

Why aren’t these little mini cute green things more popular? Turns out they are, of course, cropping up all over the place. Slashfood talks about how surprisingly good they are, and Serious Eats even wondered whether Brussels sprouts were the new bacon.

We can’t speak to that, but we do think that these little balls of cruciferousness are pretty delicious. Given the proper treatment, of course.

We’d like to wean ourselves away from our favorite crispy-lemony-sprouts salad and try something new. So we ask you: what is your favorite way to cook Brussels sprouts?

Here are a few more discussion points on the mini cabbages: