What Is Your Dream Dining Setup?

What Is Your Dream Dining Setup?

Faith Durand
May 27, 2008

We talk a lot about cooking, but frankly, dining and eating is just as important to our development as cooks; we love the final satisfaction of sitting down to a well-laid table.

Do you dream of space, tables, cut crystal, or outdoor patios? What is your dream dining setup? More about ours below...

Our own progression toward a well-laid, hospitable table has wended through many - it's been a tiny round one in an eat-in kitchen; it's been a glass-topped monstrosity when we lived with a pack of roommates; it's been a huge family-style board.

Our dream dining room is just big enough to hold a long, long farm table - big enough to roll out Christmas cookies for 50, big enough to need benches and chairs, big enough to seat a dozen friends or more. We get greedy when we dream. Is 8' too big? 10'? How about 12'! We wouldn't mind an apartment or house that was just big enough to fit a dining room table this big and nothing else.

Right now we're dreaming over these long handmade Slab Tables from BDDW, a gorgeous store that mixes up modern, American primitive, and rustic. They're located right next door to our offices in New York, so every time we walk by we give a little sigh. Good for dreaming, and for inspiration.

That's our little dining room dream; who knows if it will ever come true. No matter what you dream of, it's still true that the smallest corner or TV tray can be transformed into a place of warm hospitality and good food. It's all about what you put on the table.

But if you could choose any table, any setting - what would it be? A big table like this? Cut crystal? Modern dishes and beautiful flowers? Big? Little? In the kitchen or out? Tell us...

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(Images: Faith Hopler)

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