What’s the Kitchen Indulgence You Just Can’t Give Up?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’ll come clean (ahem!) right away: my kitchen indulgence is fancy dish soap. Times are tough and I’m a slave to my budget, but a pleasant washing-up experience is one thing I still spend top dollar on.

What about you? What little kitchen treat keeps your spirits up?

My fancy dish soap only runs me about $6 every couple of months but still, I could get twice the amount for the same money if I bought your typical supermarket brand. I usually use Mrs. Meyers Geranium or Basil, with an occasional even bigger splurge for one of Caldrea’s lovely scents.

I find that even as I pull in the purse strings, a little indulgence here and there helps to keep the blues at bay. What’s your indulgence?