What Are the Best Cooking & Cleaning Kitchen Habits You've Adopted?

What Are the Best Cooking & Cleaning Kitchen Habits You've Adopted?

Faith Durand
Feb 21, 2013

Yesterday we shared eight small cooking habits that we love -- habits that help us feel more comfortable and in control in the kitchen. Now it's your turn: we'd love to know what little habits you've learned in your time as a home cook. What kinds of habits have made life better in your kitchen? Here's a little habit that I've acquired that really makes me happy...

I really hate when the sink gets dirty and greasy. I don't do most of the dishes in my house, though -- my dear husband is the dishwasher. He, however, isn't quite so committed to the idea of a sparkling sink, and I don't blame him. After washing those stacks of dishes it seems a little ungrateful for me to also expect a gleaming sink! 

So I've developed this little habit of following up after a dishwashing session. I take our basil-scented Mrs. Meyers soap (which we don't use on the dishes anymore because the scent and taste were just impossible to remove from some dishes) and I squirt it all over the sink and scrub it until sudsy with a long-handled brush. Then I rinse it down with warm water. 

It's a rather soothing, satisfying little ritual, and it keeps the sink clean and smelling good. It's a cleaning habit that's good for the kitchen, and it makes me feel good too. 

What about you? What cooking and cleaning habits have made a big difference in your kitchen life? 

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(Image: Faith Durand)
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