What Is the Best Budget-Friendly Stand Mixer?

(Image credit: KitchenAid)

Q: I’m in college and, as a result of that and a few other things, am not overflowing with money. But I cook a lot and have realized that I need to get a stand mixer eventually. Ideally, I’d love to get a KitchenAid, but that’s where the lack-of-money thing comes into play. What is the best budget-friendly stand mixer?

Preferably, the mixer would have a similar front-attachment thing, like the KitchenAid has, for making pasta and other such things. Any suggestions?

Sent by Andrew

Editor: Honestly, my best suggestion would be to watch for sales and bargains on KitchenAid mixers like a hawk. There are other mixers on the market that are great, but if you’re also looking for one that has a lot of fun attachments, KitchenAid is just the best choice.

Readers, any other mixers to recommend?

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