What Is That Weird Stuff at the Bottom of My Fridge?

What Is That Weird Stuff at the Bottom of My Fridge?

Ariel Knutson
Aug 13, 2014
(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

Day 3 Task: Clean and Organize the Refrigerator

Yesterday I threw out all the expired, questionable, or otherwise unappetizing things in my fridge. Today I got down into the dirty, dark side of the two-day fridge task for The Kitchn Cure: the actual cleaning and organizing. With a few cleaning supplies on hand, an easy cleaning guide, and the will to succeed, this task went a lot faster than I anticipated.

There was only one small, gross snag that I encountered in my quest: what exactly is that weird "cheese-like" substance at the bottom of my fridge?

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After taking the food out of my fridge and putting it on my kitchen island, I took out the shelves and gave them a good, strong cleaning for the first time ever. Surprisingly, there really wasn't that much questionable gunk that needed to be scrubbed off.

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

Then it was time to clean the walls of the refrigerator. This is when I discovered this dried cheese-like shards at the bottom of my fridge. What could it possibly be and did it get there?! How could I have lived in the same apartment for two years and never noticed that stuff?

Cleaning the dried bits off the bottom of the fridge was not fun. Not fun at all.

What is that stuff?!
(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

But after that was all over with, my fridge was totally clean and ready to be filled with food! Ta-Da!

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

I put all the vegetables in the bottom drawer, then the drinks and larger condiments on the shelf above that one, and the dairy and jam at the top of the fridge. I made sure to wipe everything down before putting it back in.

Looking at my refrigerator now it appears I have a lot more space than I thought. There are still too many cartons of eggs and too many drinks, but it's not as bad before. It's time to go grocery shopping!

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

The fridge door (below) is organized by small condiments and large condiments.

(Image credit: Ariel Knutson)

One of the small tasks for today was also to check to see what temperature your refrigerator was set to. My fridge only has the option of low, medium, and high and is currently set to medium. Instead of just trusting what the knobs say, I took things into my own hands and bought a fridge thermometer.

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