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Unwind After a Long Day with This Pink “Moon Milk”

published May 11, 2017
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Honey-Lime Fruit Salad Smoothie (Image credit: Michaela Cisney)

With our busy lifestyles and penchant for unlimited screen time, it’s hard to wind down sometimes at night. One age-old way to signal to your brain that it’s time to relax and start thinking about sleep is to drink a mug of warm milk — but that’s not very exciting, is it? Enter: this “pink moon milk.”

Made with tart cherry juice, this nighttime drink is a beautiful shade of pink (some might even say it’s Millennial Pink!). But the cherry juice is not added simply for looks — according to the author, it’s also “one of the few natural sources of melatonin, which is responsible for the regulation of the body’s internal clock and sleep-wake cycle.”

She also uses ashwaganda powder, which she says is “considered an adaptogen, a substance that enhances the body’s adaptive response to stress and balances normal body functions.”

If all of this sounds a little too new-age wellness for you, know that this moon milk is not some horrible-tasting medicinal drink. The recipe calls for almond milk, which, along with some honey, adds a nutty sweetness that balances the tart cherry juice. Translation? It’s actually delicious!

So the next time you want to unwind, cozy up in your favorite PJs, get out your favorite book, and sip this warm, comforting drink.

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