What Is a Good Alternative to Plastic for Storing Greens?

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Q: I want to drastically reduce the amount of plastic that I use, and for the most part, I’ve done so. The only place where I haven’t been successful is plastic produce bags. I know that there are reusable bags out there, but I find that my produce doesn’t stay fresh when I use them. Any suggestions?

Typically, I wash the produce, wrap it in a towel (for greens and herbs, at least), and then put it back in the plastic bag. My produce stays fresh for well over a week (usually around two weeks), and strong smelling things don’t contaminate other things.

How can I get these same results (nearly 2 weeks of freshness, no odor contamination) without the plastic?

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Editor: The key with storing produce, especially leafy greens, is to keep a humid environment without the vegetables actually being wet. This is why the towel-plus-plastic bag method works so well!

Some alternatives to look into are glass containers with non-airtight lids and oil cloth wraps or bags:

Readers, what would you recommend?

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