What If Brand Names Were Replaced with Calorie Counts?

(Image credit: @CalorieBrands)

When I tuck into a bag of my favorite potato chips (Meijer’s Kettle-Cooked Jalapeño Chips for life!), I don’t do so with false hope. I know they aren’t good for me, but I’ll be damned if they aren’t the most satisfying snack mankind has ever known. When a craving hits that I just can’t resist, I tend to just pretend the nutrition label isn’t there.

But what if that wasn’t an option? One artist has imagined a world in which the caloric value of diabolically delicious treats has nowhere to hide.

Calorie Brands has taken to Instagram to show what “brands should look like to help you achieve your summer body goals.” They’ve masterfully rebranded some very well-known indulgences to plainly feature the calories contained in each package. Honestly, the designs look great! But sometimes I’m really just happier not knowing, and that’s OK.