What I Prep on Sunday for Whole30 Meals

updated May 29, 2019
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For 30 days this month we’re exploring Whole30, the 30-day reset and refocus on whole foods. Whole30 isn’t a diet or a judgment of foods as “good and bad.” It’s actually a short-term reset that has helped many of our readers cook more and figure out the foods that make them feel their best. Read more about our coverage here.

All week long I’ve been sharing tidbits of my month-long adventure into Whole30. I started with the basics, I shared a few recipes and shopping tips, and I even talked a little bit about failure. Now, let’s talk about meal prep. As luck would have it, I’m in the process of completing another Whole30 as we speak, so I thought it might be fun for you to peek into one of my meal prep sessions!

Meal prep is such an essential part of this 30-day program. I think I’ve typed that sentence in almost every one of my articles this week, but it’s so true. I like to set aside an hour or two on a Sunday to prep for the week.

What I Prep Ahead for Whole30

Here’s what got done during my last meal prep session.

Chopped-Up Vegetables

I love having these on hand — and not just during the Whole30, either. If you pre-cut some veggies, you might be surprised how much more likely you are to choose them as a snack!

Chopped-Up Citrus

These Cara Cara oranges looked so pretty at the market — I thought they’d make a lovely addition to my meals this week. Much like the veggies, I find myself more likely to grab them if they’re already sliced.

Roasted Root Vegetables

This week I roasted a big batch of Yukon Gold and Japanese sweet potatoes. These have made an awesome breakfast with a sunny-side-up egg.

Tuna Salad

I know it may seem super basic, but like I said, this stuff doesn’t have to be fancy. I’ve been enjoying my premixed tuna salad on a bed of greens with lots of other veggies and a sprinkle of roasted sunflower seeds. I dress the whole thing with olive oil and some apple cider vinegar.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

I love having these around to make a quick egg salad in lettuce cups, to chop up and put into an actual salad, or to simply eat with a little bit of salt. It’s an easy protein to have on hand.

(Image credit: Gina Eykemans)

Chicken Stock

While I was prepping some of the other foods, I decided to make a batch of stock in my pressure cooker. I had a chicken back and some bones left over from a roast chicken I made last week, so I put them to good use. It’s really easy! You can also make it in a slow cooker, or on the stove.

Turkey Meatball Soup with Kale & Mushrooms

Since I had so much stock on hand, I decided to turn it into soup! This soup is perfect for Whole30, or anytime at all. It’s loaded with flavorful turkey meatballs and plenty of veggies. I’ve been loving having this soup on hand in the cold weather.

(Image credit: Gina Eykemans)


You can buy clarified butter at the store, but since I already had plenty of butter on hand, I decided to make my own. It’s easy if you have the time! If not, there’s no shame in buying it.

Almond Milk

I knew I had a big bag of raw almonds, so I decided to make some nut milk for the week as well. This is also something you can buy at the store, but I find it really satisfying to make it myself. Here’s a tutorial on how to make it at home!

That’s what I got done last Sunday, and it’s totally helped me keep overwhelming feelings at bay. I cook different proteins during the week, and add to what I already have going on, but on a whole, this was a great foundation to start from.

What kinds of things do you like to prep? I’d love to hear your ideas!