There’s No Crying in Party Throwing! 3 Tips To Make Sure Your Guests Show

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The only thing worse than hounding your friends to show up at your shindig is not hounding and having one or two lone wolves in attendance. How do you avoid the fall out? Here are a few tips to make sure your party isn’t picked last in the game of life. 

For some people, throwing a party or get together can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if you just moved to a new town, for example, or are in a new relationship and haven’t become best buds yet with your partner’s friends. Making new friends can be hard, but maintaining lifelong friends with busy lives can be just as tricky. So here are a few tips to make sure you aren’t left all alone with enough food for the next month.

  1. Invite Early and Send a Reminder: Although it’s easy to send an e-vite to a party, having a tangible item to stick on the refrigerator will do wonders for the memory. Does that mean you need to spend all night crafting small steaks from felt and glitter? (If so, an invite sent to me is mandatory.) Of course not. It just means you mean business if you went the extra step to actually get to a post office instead of simply sending an email. Send a reminder a week out and remind them how awesome you are and how much you’d love to see their shining faces.

  2. Check a Calendar: Once your friends start having kids it pays to check with the local school activities and other major social events. Likewise, you can use such dates (like say, the Oscars) to bring people together on a night they’d probably already be off and hanging out at home. 

  3. Remind Them That Problems Are Solved: Although you might love your home and there’s no reason you should change that for anyone, folks might be apprehensive to attend if they know your dog is always a little too friendly or your toddler is always in need of attention. Noting on your invite that you’ve got a sitter and it’s a night for adults, for example, is a great way to tip off friends that you’ve cleared your schedule and gone the extra mile. 
So what happens when you’ve done all of the above and you still have repeated low attendance to your throw downs and gatherings? Don’t take it personally and keep your chin up. Remember there’s no crying in baseball or party throwing, even though TV will have you think differently. It’s ok that folks get busy or even forgot. We’ve all been guilty of the need for sweatpants and an evening in. You might need to cancel on them someday, so wipe those tears and dig into your spinach dip and enjoy the fact that you can eat it for every meal!


(Image: Flickr member kaktuslampan licensed for use by Creative Commons)