What to Eat Based on Your Favorite Character of Friday Night Lights

updated May 30, 2019
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Friday Night Lights fans can all agree that it’s not just a show about football. The NBC series, which first aired over a decade ago, gives a glimpse into a small, football-obsessed Texas town and the lives of the people who call it home. If the teeniest part of you hasn’t been the same since the series ended, let this serve as a friendly reminder that you can currently stream all 76 episodes on Hulu, Amazon, or nbc.com.

Since the show’s twists and turns take place both on and off the field, we decided that it’s only fitting to follow the show into the kitchen too. Consider this list a guide: What to eat while binge-watching Friday Night Lights, based on your favorite character.

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Coach Eric Taylor

Not only is Coach Taylor the patriarch of his family, but he’s also the father-figure to the entire Dillon Panthers football team. And while he typically takes a tough-love approach, that doesn’t stop his players from coming to him for comforting words of wisdom when whatever they’re going through seems like too much to handle.

Just like Coach Taylor, this game-changing mac and cheese feels like home. Since just about everyone likes mac and cheese, this recipe is a total champion — 200 percent of the time. And if you’re nervous about making mac and cheese from scratch instead of out of a box, just remember, “That’s what character is. It’s in the try.”

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Tami Taylor

Much more than just a sidekick to her husband Coach Taylor, Tami is the moral compass of the entire show. As a wife, mom, guidance counselor, and mentor to many, she has a lot on her plate. So who can blame her for choosing to wind down most nights with a glass of wine (or two)? If I got the chance to hang out with Tami IRL, we’d most definitely be brainstorming solutions to all of life’s problems while sipping on this rosé lemonade.

Get the recipe: Rosé Lemonade

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Tim Riggins

Tim Riggins may be known as the bad boy/hometown heartthrob, but that’s not all he is — he’s got dimension. Just like this sexy salad, Tim Riggins has lots of layers and is very easy on the eyes. Basically, he deserves to have the most majestic of salads named after him, so that’s exactly what we did.

Get the recipe: Bacon Avocado Salad Bowls

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Brian ‘Smash’ Williams

He’s inarguably considered to be the most talented player on the Dillon Panthers — and Brian “Smash” Williams knows it. Even though his confidence sometimes gets him into trouble, ultimately Smash figures out how to get on the right path. Like Smash, all eyes will be on these maple bourbon-glazed steak tips when you serve this for dinner. It’s bold, memorable, and will be the MVP of your barbecue.

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Jason Street

After watching the very first episode (during which Jason sustains a career-ending injury), you’re going to want to eat all your feels in the form of a big bowl of homemade chocolate ice cream. Despite the accident, the former starting quarterback remains the heart and soul of the Panther’s team, showing his support from the sidelines. He even goes as far as to mentor his replacement QB, proving that Jason is a starting-player and a loyal counterpart all in one.

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Lyla Garrity

Her life might not always be as sweet as cherry pie, but Lyla Garrity is trying her darnedest to make it look like it is. Lyla begins the series as a chipper Panthers cheerleader and girlfriend to star quarterback, Jason Street. All of that unravels after Jason’s accident when she enters an unfortunate love triangle. For when life turns out to be more tart than sweet, you’ll want to have this cherry pie bar recipe up your sleeve.

Get the recipe: Cherry Pie Bars

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Matt Saracen

Matt Saracen is the unsung hero of the Panthers. Formerly the second-string QB, Matt finds himself thrust into the spotlight after Jason’s injury. Later when his spot is given to a rising star freshman, Matt takes on the challenge of a different position for the greater good of the team.

Matt Saracen is the cauliflower of FNL. Stay with me. He is unappreciated, does not always get the respect that he deserves (ahem, Julie), and is a versatile team-player who can adapt no matter the situation. If you think this is a giant bowl of mashed potatoes, think again. It’s mashed cauliflower — and it’s holding its own, all things considered.

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Vince Howard

Not many people expected much from Vince Howard, except for Coach Taylor who saw some serious potential. Vince is humble and hardworking (unlike some of his other teammates), shows up on time to practice every day, and eventually leads his team to the state championship. He’s like our classic pizza dough recipe — it doesn’t seem like much at first, but there’s a lot to build upon.

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Julie Taylor

Despite the fact the she’s the offspring of arguably the best TV parents of all time, lots of FNL fans think that Julie is the worst. She has a major attitude problem, gets into trouble, seeks out attention in the worst of ways, and fulfills the teenage stereotype to the nth degree. She’s sour and salty most of the time, kind of like these salt and vinegar cucumbers.

Get the recipe: Salt and Vinegar Cucumbers

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Tyra Collette

Written off at first as just a flirt, Tyra proves everyone wrong, busting her butt as a server at Applebees, running for class president, holding her family together, and being the first person in her family to go to college. She’s like this slow-cooker chocolate lava cake. You might be skeptical at first, but if you’re patient enough (and let your slow cooker do the work) your dreams will pretty much come true.

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Landry Clarke

Lovable benchwarmer and nerdy sweetheart Landry Clark has a lot of hobbies besides football. He loves old movies, keeps trying to make his band a thing, and has a pretty intense storyline with Tyra Collette (just watch to find out). While he might be on the sidelines (like this classic creamy coleslaw), that doesn’t mean he’s not solid, dependable, and guaranteed to pair nicely with all the mains.