What Foods Do You Buy Weekly?

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After last week’s discussion of all the ingredients we keep stocked and ready to go in our pantry, we got curious about what foods get bought on a weekly basis. These are either perishable ingredients or ones that we use so regularly that we just automatically pick them up at the store. What do you buy weekly?

Not including ready-to-eat foods like cereals and deli meat, this tends to be what we buy at the store every week whether or not we have a specific recipe in mind. We know we’re likely to need these ingredients at some point during the week!

Onions. This is probably the number one most used ingredient in our kitchen. Raw, sautéd, or caramelized, onions make their way into nearly every savory dish we make.
Celery and Carrots. These two ingredients, along with onions, form the base for any soup, stew, or braise that we might make. And this time of year, we’re starting to make a lot of them!
Mushrooms. We use these in quick stir-fries, frittatas, and soups – one of which we’re sure to make at least once during the week.
Potatoes. Right now we have a few pounds of potatoes stockpiled from our CSA, but before that potatoes were a weekly purchase. We like them roasted, mashed, and in gratins or frittatas.
Apples or other seasonal fruit. We eat fruit with our breakfast and also like to keep a few extra on hand for a quick snack or dessert.
Lemons. The is our secret ingredient for boosting flavor in dishes that don’t taste “quite right.” We also use fresh lemon juice in simple salad dressings and to flavor our water.
Ricotta Cheese. A scoop of this cheese does well in most any recipe we make. Check our our post on Top Five Things to do with Ricotta!
Canned Tomatoes. These mostly go into pasta sauces and soups.
Chicken Stock. Yes, we know it would be better in terms of cost and flavor to be making our own, but we’re not quite there yet. Truthfully, we tend to go through so much of it that it’s hard to keep up with homemade stock!
Flour. Since we started baking our own bread, we’ve been going through almost a bag of flour every week. We always have an extra bag waiting in the wings to prevent the catastrophe of running out mid-week!

Interestingly enough, we don’t buy meat every week. We certainly used to, but coming up with this list made us realize how much our habits have changed in the past few years. We now only buy fresh meat when we have a recipe in mind. We also keep individually-wrapped bacon and sausage links in the freezer in case we have a sudden craving.

What does your weekly shopping cart look like?

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