What Foods Do You Buy Frozen?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Aside from an occasional foray to buy ice cream, we don’t often find ourselves in the frozen foods aisle. And yet buying frozen vegetables, fruit, and even proteins like fish can be a really smart choice, especially when the fresh item is very expensive or out of season. What foods do you buy frozen?

Frozen foods have come a long way since the watery and flavorless frozen vegetables many of us remember from childhood. New technologies like flash freezing mean that vegetables stay crisp and colorful once thawed while retaining much of their original taste and nutritional value. Fruits have always frozen well, and they’re a great choice for baking – not to mention breakfast smoothies!

One frozen food that we’ve been thinking of buying more of is frozen fish and other seafood. This is definitely more affordable than buying it fresh, and often of better quality. Buying frozen also gives us the opportunity to try new kinds of fish that might not be available at the fresh fish counter, particularly if you live in a part of the country where fresh fish isn’t readily available.

Buying frozen foods can definitely bring up issues of eating out of season, environmental costs of constant refrigeration and transportation, and some health concerns of frozen verses fresh. Still, if buying a lot of fresh foods puts a strain on your budget or you’re craving strawberry pie, we think frozen foods are the way to go.

What do you think? Are there foods that you always buy frozen?

(Image: Flickr member paulidin licensed under Creative Commons)