Which Foods Are the Most Dangerous to Handle?

updated May 2, 2019
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What food are most dangerous? Your mind might turn first to living creatures equipped with claws or pinchers. But actually, the foods that seem to give the most people a hard time aren’t alive. They are the foods that are slippery or hard to hold. I’ll tell you my most-feared food if you tell me yours!

A few years ago Oprah made a big deal about bagels. Does anyone remember that? She cut herself holding one and afterwards she started giving away bagel slicers like mad. Another food many folks have trouble are melons and squash since they have a thicker outer skin to cut through and a soft fleshy center. Applying so much force to cut through a squash can be dangerous.

If there was one item that I continually struggle with, it’s probably a mango. I tend to use ripe to overripe mangos in my cooking, and they can be a little slimy. It’s not that the food gets away from me per se, but cutting out the pit in a consistent fashion isn’t really my game. I tend to hack away like I’ve never seen a knife before in my life — which of course leaves me more open to slip-ups with that juice-slimed knife.

Which foods do you struggle with? Do you feel a little awkward or goofy with specific items? Have a hard time getting a grip? Have you ever watch something roll from the cutting board and to the floor? Let us know in the comments below! And take a look at some good tips for safely cutting, coring, and dicing foods:

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