Tell Us: What Food Takes You Back to Your Childhood?

Tell Us: What Food Takes You Back to Your Childhood?

As we talk about getaways and the foods that remind us of vacation, we thought we'd contemplate an escape of a different kind — a little mental time traveling, if you will. What foods transport you back to being a kid? Read ours, below, and tell us yours...

For us, biscuits are high on the list. We helped a grandmother roll out and cut biscuits even before we were tall enough to reach the counter. Cream of Wheat is another one. And our dad used to make an ice cream topping with Oreos that he called Mississippi Mud. It involved the uber-complicated technique of pouring a few drops of very hot water on top of some Oreos, then microwaving them until they were soft and mashing them into a gooey, chocolate paste. We thought it was magic.

Sometimes foods remind us of childhood because they are kid-oriented dishes (mac and cheese, Jell-O squares). Other times, they take us back to a certain place, like a grandmother's garden or a specific kitchen.

Your turn: What foods or dishes take you back to being a kid?

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