What Everyone’s Missing About That Gross Mac & Cheese on Twitter Today

(Image credit: Jan Levinson)

I think it’s safe to say that most people would consider waking up to mac and cheese to be a very good thing. I know I certainly fall into that camp (regardless of the fact that it isn’t exactly a traditional breakfast food) because, I mean, come on: It’s mac and cheese.

That said, waking up to mac and cheese this morning in particular was an unpleasant surprise. When I opened my phone, the offensive image you see above crossed my screen. And I was deeply hurt — but not for the reason you think.

Twitter user Jan Levinson shared the image above to illustrate her disapproval of the “mac and cheese” her coworker prepared for an upcoming potluck. One coworker here referred to it as “Pasta Cheese Salad,” which, at first glance, I understand — but we’re missing something.

Look at the border of the image. That black outline. It’s a slow cooker. Although the web would tell us this abomination was intended to be served as is, the context of the situation indicates that there’s more to the story. Namely, that it might still need to be set to low and cook for two to four hours.

I don’t know where Jan lives, but the time stamp of 10:40 on her initial tweet makes me think this was exactly the plan her generous cheese-loving coworker was putting to action. And kindly too; reheated mac and cheese just isn’t the same as freshly prepared, and it truly doesn’t get any fresher than this.

Follow up tweets do make me question her coworker’s recipe. There should certainly be some milk and salt in there to give it a little more punch, but I can’t ignore the genius of this potluck trick.

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Prepping it this way, when she got to work, means Jan’s coworker didn’t even have to wake up early to make it happen. Not to mention the fact that she will undoubtedly win the work potluck with her brilliance. And she was on the clock while she was putting it together, and I think we can all agree that there’s just nothing quite as delightful as getting paid to not work.

Except maybe mac and cheese.

Cool story, Janis.