My Friend Left Me With Gluten-Free Beer. How Do I Put It to Good Use?

(Image credit: Casey Barber)

Q: I recently had a BYOB birthday party and one of my friends who has celiac disease brought over a six pack of gluten-free beer.

Is there any creative recipe or weird beer cocktail that would be good for using these up?

I figured they were mostly for her, but at the end of the night I found she had (generously) left the remainder of her beers (she only drank one) in my fridge just like the rest of my guests.

I tried a sip of hers during that night and was not a fan so they’ve been sitting in my fridge untouched since. I don’t want to just drink them but I hate to waste good alcohol. For reference, they taste kind of like cider but less sweet and generally worse.

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Editor: Readers, what kind of cocktails or drinks would you make with gluten-free beer? We also wonder if they might be good for braising meat in or another cooking function.