What Do You Want to Cook (and Eat) Right Now? Spring 2010

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Spring is a funny time for cooking. On the one hand it marks the welcome return of fresh green vegetables. On the other hand, we are ready to get out of the kitchen and go outside! What about you? Are you cooking a lot right now, or do you have a spring fever to get out and eat out?

We are looking for things that really inspire us to cook; we always get a little bogged down in this transition from winter to spring. Our palate isn’t quite sure of what it wants, and the kitchen needs a good spring cleaning, too.

Personally I am really thinking about pizza and tarts, like the Green Asparagus Tarte Flambee pictured above (see more about these flat pizza-like tarts here). I also am thinking about risotto and spring salads.

What about you? What is inspiring you to stay in the kitchen right now?

(Image: Flickr member ugod licensed for use under Creative Commons)