What Do You Eat When You Skip Lunch?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to remember our lunch before we leave for work, eating at the same time as your colleagues just isn’t in the cards. Maybe there’s a meeting you forgot about or kids to pick up from school and you just lost track of time. Whatever the reason for missing lunch, what do you snack on to make up for it? Or do you just go hungry?

We were reading this post over Unplggd, which talks about how to beat the afternoon slump at work. Although it’s full of great tips, one of the biggest culprits of that 3pm slowdown is lack of lunch.

That said, at least twice a week I manage to skip lunch all together or end up eating a seriously delayed snack (which some might actually consider an early dinner). We’ve mentioned quick snacks to keep at work for easy munching, but we’re curious, what are you really keeping stashed away in your desk drawers?

Are they filled with granola bars? Quarters for the vending machine? Do you keep a loaf of bread and some peanut butter for those afternoons where stopping for lunch just isn’t an option? This Flickr member keeps an entire drawer full of items! Share your ideas in the comments below!

(Image: Flickr member Christian Cable licensed for use by Creative Commons)