About the Cream at the Top of Non-Homogenized Milk

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week in our post about Straus Family Creamery, a reader commented:

ok, i recently purchased the straus milk and was wondering what you’re suppose to do with the cream top? do you put it over something, throw it out or leave it in there?

When milk is not homogenized, the cream in it rises to the top. This is a natural occurrence, and was more common in the old days. Homogenizing milk isn’t done for health reasons; it’s simply a process that shrinks the cream globules and makes them blend in the milk. Some people prefer their milk to have an even texture; it’s a personal preference. Other people believe non-homogenized milk tastes better and like the cream top.

The cream at the top can be mixed in with the milk – poke it with the end of a spoon handle to push it in the bottle, and then give the bottle a good shake. Or you can scoop the cream out and just eat it. It’s pretty delicious, especially with a little sugar sprinkled on top of it. It can also be spread on baked goods with a little jam and used in place of English clotted cream. Give it a try!